Drive one for your school, Ford Gabriel and Royal West Academy

We had a great time helping the Royal West Academy raise money for their amphitheater and their arts programs last Friday. Thanks to all who came out to support and test drove a new #Ford for the #RoyalWestAcademy fundraiser on Friday! We are happy to announce that we raised $ 2,880 for the school at this #Drive4urSchool
Ford of Canada and Ford Gabriel have been supporting local communities with the Drive 4UR program since 2010. This program has enabled us to give back to the communities we live, play and work in. Since the program’s inception, over 8 million has been raised for worthy causes and school partners.

How does it work? Ford of Canada will donate $20 for every test drive completed at Drive4UR Community and Drive4UR School event occurring across Canada throughout the calendar year.

So how can you get involved? Simply join us at Royal West Academy, 189 Easton Ave, Montreal-West, QC H4X 1L4 Friday September 15, 2017 between 11:00 am and 6:00 pm to test drive a Ford vehicle for a great cause!
Drive school
Drive school